About Us

About us

"Our goal is to create sustainable and vibrant environments for people to work, dwell and recreate."

Our Philosophy

Our approach to every project balances the intersection of humanity, ecology, art, and economics. Our designs are defined by the site, setting, and location of every project. We seek a broad understanding of the issues and opportunities inherent to every place and then work toward practical and creative solutions unique to that site. This results in a design that reflects the natural character of the region; timeless. Good design is best whenever it allows natural systems to guide solutions, by celebrating the unique qualities of a site and anticipating the design impact on the user experience. We pride ourselves on being collaborative (we listen), client driven, providing value, and being good stewards of the land.

Our Experience

Pharis Design provides land planning, landscape architecture and urban design services. We have been working in the Central Texas region and abroad designing and managing projects ranging from residential landscapes to regional plans for over 20 years.


American Society of Landscape Architects

The Nature Conservancy

The Trail Foundation

Hill Country Conservancy

Congress for New Urbanism

Urban Land Institute

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Our Team

  • Moyara Pharis

    Landscape Architect

  • Stefan Pharis

    Land Planning/ Landscape Architect

  • Jose Portillo


  • Ryan Smith

    Landscape Architect

  • Kyle Halloran

    Landscape Architect

  • Kate Koberle

    Landscape Architect

  • Silvia Cox

    Land Planner

  • Ainsley Mumford


  • Laura Villanueva




  • Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

    Our regional scale planning benefits from hyperspectral image analysis, including land surface feature analysis and landscape pattern characterization. Planning decisions are informed through geospatial analysis and modeling processes including watershed/ viewshed analysis, and environmental constraints determination.

  • Ecological and Green Infrastructure

    We conserve and protect unique habitats through thoughtful analysis, practical solutions to stormwater management, restoration of degraded soils, and conservation of critical resources.

  • Master Planning

    Our master planning experience includes small scale in fill, large scale community plans, and regional scale corridor planning. We assist clients in due diligence and feasibility all the way through the implementation.

  • Landscape Architecture

    Our process translates the conceptual vision into an implementable plan. Our designs draw inspiration from the uniqueness of every region, site and setting.

  • Design Guidelines

    We assist communities and developers in shaping complete design guidelines for streetscapes, residential development and large scale site plans to ensure aesthetic continuity across all phases of a project.

  • Construction Administration

    In order to ensure a vision on paper is realized in the field, we oversee the implementation and execution to make sure that a quality project is delivered.